Mornington Crescent

I was solving some of my Perplex City cards last night, and got to card #140 Mornington Crescent. I spent a good 90 minutes confounded by this card; going all over the web to figure out this infernal game. Wikipedia, Perplex City Forums, Unfiction Forums, and a number of supposed Mornington Crescent sites. Looking… Looking…

Then it dawned on me… The game IS the game (or not). Mornington Crescent is one of those infernal British inventions where it’s not about the game, it about how big and creative an artist of absolute nonsense you can be.

Just lucky I’m an Australian whose sense of humor extends to enjoying the nonsensical nature of British humor. I can’t imagine how messed up in the head this card gets some of the non-British players.

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  2. Mornington Crescent is utterly ridiculous, especially the 1948 Fifedom 2nd Edition. Holborn to Uxbridge without a straight-shunt to break Piccadilly? I think it speaks for itself, in all honesty! :o)

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