Musical subversion? Dev2.0…

I’m with the “Mothersbaugh and Casales are subverting Disney, and Disney are too dumb to notice” camp. Dev2.0 is a freaky-scary group of telegenic kids singing Devo’s hits for Disney. Maybe next, we can get kids covering The Smiths, The Cure, Bronski Beat (can you imagine Smalltown Boy done this way!?) or The Housemartins

More speculation here, and here.

Anything to stop the Wiggles and Hi-5 juggernauts.

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  1. This is totally bizarre. I guess they’ve just found a way to remarket those songs to today’s kids (but, *kids* – how old are they, 12? 13?). The original tracks were marketed to the late-teens/early 20’s crowd. But, Disney is all about kids. Hmm. It’s like a new spin on the old musical genres coming ’round again years later thing. The 80s stuff has been back for a while, but now we’ve got preteens dressed up like DEVO and singin their stuff. Very odd. I think you’re right. Disney’s been mind-f’d.

    Course now, Steve Jobs will have these DEV 2.0 videos on the iPod (if they’re not already there).

  2. I sent this around to several people yesterday, and everybody who replied hated it. Two or three people said that they were offended by it. It’s an affront to the intent and legitimacy of the original material. Below is how I replied to one person. I think it states how I feel pretty well:

    Repackaged and filtered to have none of the original emotion or intent. And to think Mothersbaugh had something to do with it – it’s as though he’s pimped his own work.
    Disgusting, really.

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