MXDU (and SANS), here I come!

Like many of you, I’m off to MXDU next week, notebook (paper and ‘puter stylie) in hand. I plan to blog interesting stuff from the floor of the conference, and will be on Skype (trib22) and ICQ (1014940), network permitting, while I’m there.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of meet-ups and beer-testing – a trip to Redoak is definitely on the cards.

Straight after, I’m off to SANS Darling Harbour ’05, for eight straight days of training as a part of a fast-approaching move to our ICT Security Team. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time, and the opportunity came up recently. So, it’ll be a significant career-shift away from web apps development, where I’ve been for nearly 10 years. Anyone else headed to SANS?

Even with the career move, I’ll still be about in the CF community. I plan to keep my hands dirty in CF code away from work.

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  1. Oh, you should NEVER miss the opportunity to visit Redoak. I’m not the most enthusiastic beer drinker in the world, but Redoak is something VERY special. Fit it in, reschedule your frameworks talk for a new venue!

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