New ACME Guide released and advance notice of new WTP Guide

I’ve just posted a new version of the ACME Guide on its home page. There are a just few minor changes in the Guide, allowing for some stuff I missed in the Apache config and some updaters and hotfixes released by Macromedia.

In more ACME news, I have been working on a guide for Eclipse users for installation, configuration and use of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project. It’s nearly ready to go, and will nicely complement the original ACME Guide.

The new guide, ACME Web Development on steroids – The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project, will just about lock you in to Eclipse forever – you won’t need any other tools! Look for a release announcement around the start of May.

Also, I’ve been a little concerned about the file size for the ACME Guide, especially now it’s over 6Mb. I can compress the images (there’s no compression at present), but there is an obvious loss of quality that comes with that compression. If you’re bandwidth-starved and would like a more lightweight version, let me know by commenting here and I’ll make it available if there’s enough of a need. Also, if you happen to know of a nice converter (not FlashPaper, as it doesn’t do bookmarks) which is more efficient than OOo itself, let me know.)

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