New machine… Mmmmm…

Work has just issued me a shiny (well, satin finish) new Dell laptop. It’s a Latitude X300 all specced up with MediaBase, 1Gb of RAM, 60Gb HDD, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11g wireless and an extra power supply. Sweet.

Once I get it all configured up, it will be come my daily use machine for development. Which means I have a lot of stuff to install – Apache, ColdFusion, Eclipse, MySQL, DevNet bits and pieces, etc.

One of the few downsides is that ownership of the new machine is conditional on my being the oncall person should we have after hours server incidents. That’s no biggie, our previously frequent problems occur pretty rarely since we updated our Oracle driver and messed with some DSN settings.

I haven’t had it long enough yet to figure out whether I can run it with dual screens – the inbuilt plus an extra plugged into the MediaBase or inbuilt VGA port. Looking at the System Info, it lists two video cards, which has me curious… If I can run dual screens, I’ll be very pleased.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the video card in it to run much in the way of games (although I have to admit, I’ll try). I guess I’ll find out over the weekend.

If there’s anyone out there who has one of these beasties, or similar, and can give me a few pointers with respect to video card, dual screens, etc. I’d appreciate it.

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