New notebook – what a %^&!ing hassle!

With my job change, I lose the notebook PC I’ve been using for the last 15 months. Bleah.

So, I’m in the market for a new notebook. I know what I want – a 15″ Powerbook – and while I can justify the expense to myself, I don’t think Alli’s anywhere near convinced. When the Powerbook is AU$3500 for a machine with 1Gb of RAM (and no other mods) and a near-equivalent (I know they don’t really compare) PC notebook will probably hit me for around AU$2400-2700, there’s a big difference.

Whatever I get, I’ll salary package, which will end up saving me about AU$1600-1800 with the tax benefits. However, I still have to pay for the thing up front, and there’s no pleasant or simple way to do this. This whole process blows goats big time as I struggle with all the factors and try to figure out the best approach…

All I need is a bloody rich benefactor and I’d be set.

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