New Winamp out

The new Winamp 5.2 release came out late last week, and I’ve been having a little play. There’s not much on the surface for the general user – just minor interface tweaks. However, there are some major new features you Windows users might like to take advantage of, especially portable music player integration!

After a long wait, Winamp now plays natively with Creative and Apple portable music devices. I’ve tested it with two different Creative music players, and it works a treat! I’m guessing it’ll play nice with things like iriver as well.

The support for Creative devices doesn’t extend to direct playback, which is a little disappointing, as this free plugin does everything the new support does plus it does playback. Maybe in a soon-to-be-released minor rev…

The only thing still missing from Winamp is an equivalent of iTunes Smart Playlists. If I could do this in Winamp (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible, Winamp seems to manage the sort of data Smart Playlists use) it would be hands-down the best media manager for Windows.

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