No ABC Playback for you!

EDIT – apparently not happening for everyone. But I do have confirmation it’s not just me.

ABC Online - Broken Playback Link

The Australian national broadcaster, ABC, has announced its new Playback service, which will be “Australia’s first internet TV service with full screen quality pictures [which] will launch following a beta test period.”

After the announcement, there was a fair biit of media coverage, and rightly so – it’s a mjaor announcement and something the ABC is doing well ahead of the commercial broadcasters. It’s high profile stuff, and there’s a link on the ABC home page to allow interested people, like me, to sign up tfor the beta.

Trouble is, it’s dead in the water as far as I can tell. The link has never worked, and despite emailing the ABC to let them know it’s broken, there’s been no response. Here’s what I get when I click the link:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Page Not Found


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