No more Ant Farming!

Those of you who know anything about Body-for-LIFE or Bill Phillips will recognise the derivation of the article title. Those of you who don’t, doesn’t much matter; but you should read Body-for-LIFE. It’s an incredibly inspirational book!

Back in 2001, I put in a concerted effort to lose fat and gain muscle on the BFL program. It worked a treat! You can see my results here.

Anyhow, in the ensuing three years, I have slipped back to worse than I was in January 2001 and am pushing around something like 15kg of body fat I can live without. Now my wife, Alli, has booked us a beach holiday in the next school vacation and I have 12 weeks to return myself to a state where Greenpeace won’t mistake me for a beached whale and try to push me back in the water.

So, I have a realistic goal to aim for and a finite time to do it in. Doing another BFL cycle is the ideal solution; I know it works and I know I can do it if I stay focussed. Progress watch will be available here from time to time (approximately weekly) for those who want to prod me along.

Here’s my starting point stats:

  • Scale weight: 87.4kg/192.3lb
  • Waist: 92cm/36.2″
  • Body Fat %: 28% (from Tanita bioimpedance scales)

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