NOMAD goodness

It was my birthday last Thursday. My very wonderful wife and daughter gave me a 40Gb NOMAD Zen Xtra. This is a very cool product, sharing the same market space as the ubiquitous iPod.

While I’m in no position to compare it directly with an iPod (never even having held one), here’s my pros and cons list (NOTE – not a head-to-head against iPod):


  • more bang for your buck vs. iPod (my NOMAD was US$237 for 40Gb, that’s a fair bit cheaper than the equivalent iPod at US$399)
  • excellent audio, with EAX built-in
  • intuitive navigation system
  • up to 14 hours battery life (I’ve verified this over the weekend)


  • design not as nice as the iPod
  • larger and heavier than the iPod (but not much)
  • no Firewire

So far, I have about 3300 tracks stored on my NOMAD; all mp3 using VBR recording. The drive is less than ½ full!


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  1. You should consider buying Notmad software, from Red Chair. It is a much better software inteferface for the Nomad. One really cool feature is you can even turn the Nomad into a mini web server. Anyway, it was well worth the 20 bucks or so.

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