OSX to Windows printing – defeated! Yay!

After fighting a seemingly endless battle with my desirre to print from my Powerbook to a Windows XP connected HP PSC1350 multifunction printer we have, I have finally defeated the series of failures I have experienced and got the sucker to work! “How did you achieve this seemingly wondrous feat?”, I hear you ask.

Well, I certainly can’t take the credit, but I can point to this entry at a UK site, iFelix, which is dedicated to the answer. The iFelix Tech Support Pages appear to have pretty useful, predominantly Mac-focussed tech support across the board.

The other thing I needed were the latest HPIJS drivers from linuxprinting.org and the ESP Ghostscript interpreter.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to set up a PSC1350 over a network too (from a macbook) and have run into the same problem. However, when I install the HPIJS stuff, the 1350 isn’t in the drop down menu. Which did you use?

  2. Problem solved! I had to uncheck the enable bidirectional support in the Ports section of the printer properties (on the Windows machine).

    Many thanks for blogging this.

  3. Anthony, been trying to solve the problem for two days, found several posts of folks with same problem, none of them answered. Unchecked ‘enable bidirectional support’ in the ports section and joila!

    Much Thanks

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