Paradigm shift

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet and bought that new Powerbook I’ve been whining about wanting so badly. I’m still struggling a little with the shift in functional methodology from Windows, but I’m already in a position to say I prefer OSX.

So, what I want to know from the world out there is:

  • what apps are must have for chat/IM (iChat doesn’t seem to do them all – Jabber, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo and Fire seems buggy as I can’t delete blocked or unwanted buddies) (Adium, no question. Who doesn’t like a green duck?), download management (iGetter combined with FlashGot in Firefox), FTP (Transmit. ‘nuf said.) and anything else you care to recommend;
  • best Dashboard widgets;
  • how do I import my Thunderbird address book into the OSX Address Book Solved. Use Outlook2Mac on my Outlook contacts. Much easier;
  • how do I get OpenOffice 2 to install, ‘cos it just doesn’t seem to work for me Mostly solved. Neooffice/J;
  • can I get iCal and Address Book to sync with my O2 XDA IIs Solved. Move jobs, hand back the XDA, and get a Razr;
  • what else don’t I know about that I should?


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  1. hey man,

    first of all, im glad you switched, i believe you will soon find OSX to be a lot better, and not just because you have become part of the “cult” but that because the OS is just designed better, for the user. Its all the little usability things that add up and just make for a better experience.

    so, onto your software questions:

    1. Adium is a good mac software for all the chatting you want. Tabbed chats as well. It can handle all the messengers too…and its skinnable so if you want to spend the time to do that, you can.

    2. for the dashboard widgets, i like the dictionary (for all those big words smart people use), the php widget to quickly get to the php function library

    3. never used Thunderbird, does this mean i was never a true PC user? hmmm…

    4. i havent used open office, shame on me…

    5. dont have 02 XDA

    6. hmmm….this could be a really long list or a short list, but nothing seems to come to mind right now. if you need anything, let me know. AIM: blackpulp MSS:

  2. 1. I use Fire and like it a lot. I’ve tried most everything else but always go back to Fire. Some of my Mac friends like Adium better tho’.

    2. “download management”? What do you mean?

    3. http://FTP... Transmit is absolutely the best. I blogged about this ages ago ( should find it).

    4. Other “must haves”: NetNewsWire (RSS reader), Skype, CFEclipse / Eclipse, ArgoUML (or Poseideon CE) for UML modeling, Firefox (I use Firefox and Safari side-by-side since Safari is generally faster / more integrated but Firefox has better JavaScript support), MenuMeters (to display network / memory / CPU activity in the menu bar, again, search my blog), NeoOffice/J (OpenOffice with a Java GUI), SilverKeeper (backup software), Virtual PC.

  3. 1) Adium, definitely Adium. Feels a lot more polished than Fire in my opinion. I purchased Proteus way back in the day but since its development changed hands it seems like its been forgotten about.

    FTP = Transmit. Hands down. If you don’t wanna fork out for the full copy, I believe they offer a light version. There’s also a free app floating around called RBrowserLite if Transmit doesn’t float yer boat.

    2) Really wide open question there. Could use some specific requests, like imaging, blogging, etc. I’m personally a big fan of the WordPress dashboard widget, as well as the Backpack, AirTrafficControl and BSOD (just for fun) widgets. They all can be found at and I believe in Apple’s directory too.

    3) If you can get your contacts out of Thunderbird as vcards, I believe Address Book can import. Otherwise check, as I *think* I’ve seen utilities there for doing this. Make sure you’re searching the OS X portion of their site.

    4) I didn’t realize there was a version of OpenOffice 2 ready for OS X. I thought there was only a java version of it, called NeoOffice J or something.

    5) Try Might have a shot with them, otherwise I think there are a couple competitors out there who could do the trick. Can’t think of their names though.

    6) Um, wow.. yea, LONG list. I’d recommend following a few Mac and OS X-related blogs to start getting up to speed. I too welcome you to the switch, I think you’ll really enjoy it on this side of the fence. Try checking out,,, and for some really in-depth thoughts and musings on OS X and Apple’s design ideals, is one of my favorites.

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