Perplexing Perplex City

Has anyone else noticed that there are some marked differences between versions of several cards from different releases?

I’ve noticed the following so far:

  • in general, more recent printings (those mixed with Wave 3 cards) have a lower color saturation than the Limited Edition Pre release wave 0.5 cards (earlier cards have richer colors, higher contrast and “blacker” blacks). Particularly note the “PERPLEX” in the logo; it’s a much darker purple in early cards
  • arrangement of border logos (flames, stars, etc) is slightly different and size of borders is slightly wider in newer cards
  • suit and number printings on cards is much clearer on some newer cards, but not all
  • all scratch-off areas now have a white background (compare an older and newer #051, for example)
  • #009 Ishihara – the arrangement and wording of the grey text around the center circle is quite different in newer cards
  • #013 Sphinx – the painting in the background is smaller (you can see more of it) in newer cards
  • #016 XXX – the background image is fractionally smaller in newer cards
  • #041 Whipsmart Wordsearch – the font, font size, wording and wording arrangement differs on newer cards
  • #046 Sum Shortcut – the background photo has been repositioned by about 1cm to the left in newer printings
  • #083 Pawnbroking – the background image is completely different (albeit still relevant) and the card design also changed in newer cards
  • #111 Opening Lines – the background image has been repositioned by about 3cm upward in newer cards
  • #146 You Are Cordially Invited – the question at the bottom of the card is different in size, color, framing and position
  • #182 Transit – the page which forms the bulk of the puzzle has been reformatted so that it looks totally different. The words are the same, but it now looks like a direct print rather than a photo of a page (taken through a Doris Day filter)
  • #185 Spin Cycle – has had the same treatment as #182
  • #215 Harmony – the arrow directions have been corrected to remedy the known error on this card

These are just the ones I can find given the scope of my spares. There are undoubtedly more. If you find one, add it to the comments.
Obviously, some of these can be attributed to error correction, but not all of them. Question is now “will there be a market for the completists to have one (or more) or every variant of every card?”

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