Pete F is my AJAX hero

Doing mostly “management” now means I often miss getting dirty in code. The whole AJAX thing is exciting, and this one is so quick and dirty I have time to do it, and more importantly get it.

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  1. Sorry for the duplicated comment (pls delete one of them), but the site doesn’t seem to work properly with Firefox. Nothing happens after the submission, but I guess the comment makes it though.



  2. That is a great example by Pete using Prototype.

    Likewise, I must say I prefer your AJAXcfc to CFAjax, Rob. It’s very easy to use, and works very well on both IE and Firefox. Your examples are crystal clear too, with great demos. I have been following those for a few weeks now — thanks for those and I hope you keep them coming. I sure hope you guys at MM provide some tight integration between AJAX and ColdFusion the way that Ruby on Rails and Prototype are integrated.

    Coincidentally, I linked both Pete’s AJAX example as well as your AJAXcfc on my blog’s “AJAX Links” page.

    -Mark Holton

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