Play poker, help Katrina victims

Watching the news and seeing the pictures of the devastation Hurricane Katrina has wrought on the Gulf States brings back memories of what it was like for me as a kid to return to Darwin after Cyclone Tracy. Katrina seems to have been a whole lot more nasty, and with the world a much more dangerous place 31 years on, the breakdown of civilization that’s occuring is very unsettling to witness.

That said, if you at all enjoy playing poker (for real or online), Wil Wheaton and PokerStars have put together several charity tournaments to raise money for the relief efforts. This should go well, as they’ve done this kind of thing before; they raised over US$400,000 for tsunami relief back in January. Unfortunately, all these games are on during my work hours, but if US Eastern is more timezone friendly for you, go to PokerStars, download the software, sign up and join in!

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