Printing – Powerbook to remote Windows-attached printer

This is killing me. I’m overjoyed with my new Powerbook except for the fact that I can’t get it to print to my hp PSC-1350 MFP which is attached to the girls’ Windows XP machine. The printer is shared properly, the Powerbook can see it across the network, but:

  • I can’t find an appropriate driver for it, and;
  • no matter what alternative I’ve tried, nothing works.

The print job ends up in the print queue of the Windows machine, and just sits there doing nothing. It can’t be deleted at the Windows end – you need to reboot. It’s gone from the Powerbook. It’s like some wierd printing Purgatory.

Google spits up a number of ultimately unhelpful answers and now everything is smeared with goat and hummingbird entrails as I’ve been making sacrifices to pagan gods in an attempt to get this to work. No, really. Really.

Just kidding.

Are there any printing gurus out there that can help me get this working? I don’t want to put the printer in a hub, as that will lose me the scanning capabilities.

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  1. I have this same problem and it kinda drives me nuts.

    Luckily, when you rock the dual LCDs, mousing over (via Synergy) and printing on the PC isn’t *that* big of a pain, but it gets old.

    …gotta check the hpinkjet open source stuff now =)

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