Putting the Desire through its paces

This morning, Telstra announced the 25 reviewers in it’s HTC Social Review competition. I feel pretty lucky to be one of them.

I’m in there with 24 other people who I’m pretty confident will give these devices a solid workout and provide great feedback. While we’re all obviously technically adept, somewhat geeky and active on the social web (isn’t that the point, though?), we’re not all tech types. There’s an actor, a cupcake artist, a journalist or two.

So, yes, I’m getting a valuable piece of hardware for free and I’m getting some data and calls for free, but Telstra’s conditions for the competition and for our reviews are pretty open. We are fully within our rights to be critical if we encounter problems. And, with some of the people on that list, I expect little holding back.

That said, I’ve been wanting an Android smartphone since my wife pinched the Nexus One I managed to get hold of, so I’m especially keen to play.

Should I just post my thoughts here (and at Telstra’s Exchange blog) or should I start a whole new blog just for Android stuff like my fellow reviewer, Mark Pesce, has?

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