Quite the week

It’s been a big week for both Alli and me. After a long wait for a decision, Alli has been promoted into a senior role at her workplace, and I have accepted a job with SMS Management and Technology, a significant player in the professional services/consulting space here in Australia (plus NZ, Singapore and the UK).

For me, it means a move back to private enterprise, after several years working in the public sector. I’m very excited, as I think the role I’m going to will offer me the variety I’m looking for, many chances to grow my skills and the supportive, engaging environment that I want. Everything I’ve heard from the couple of friends I have who know about SMS indicate that it’s definitely my sort of place.

Of course, this means, yet again, that I’m moving even more dramatically away from my coder roots. Which sounds like it could be a bad thing… But the growth opportunity is too big to miss! I’ll still stay involved in ColdFusion and the CFEclipse project, but maybe the things I come out with will have more of a management and big picture bent to them. Who knows.

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