Reach out and touch…

So, I’m here at MXDU, watching lots of smart folks present some really good talks. As I’m watching, I’m thinking to myself that it’s a prime opportunity for these people to facilitate staying in touch with each other post-conference.

I’ve seen at least three people using Skype, and I’m sure others are using any number of other IM tools – ICQ, MSN, etc. What we should be doing is arranging a massive swap of IDs for all these tools, so that we can stay in touch and pick each others’ brains when we all get back to work.

Good idea? I think so.

In the interests of this swap, here are my various IM userids:

  • Skype – trib22
  • ICQ – trib
  • MSN –

I’m happy to take on a bunch more contacts if any of you want to add me – I guarantee I’ll end up picking the brains of most of you. Equally, you’re welcome to pick me ’til I’m bleached bones. To me, that’s what developer communities like us are about.

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