RIAA lawsuit blog

While I will always defend a copyright owner’s right to receive appropriate payment for access to his/her material, it’s nice to see someone standing up to the bully tactics of the RIAA. This blog is a commentary by the (EFF-backed) lawyers for Patricia Santangelo, who has refused to settle with the RIAA over filesharing which took place from her computer (although there are some interesting issues around that if you read through the site).

Of significant interest is the apprent attitiude of the judge on the case, who is pretty disenchanted with the RIAA lawyer and very encouraging of Ms Santangelo – just have a read of the transcript!

I gave up illegal filesharing a while ago, when I discovered allofmp3.com (you can argue the legality of what they’re doing, but hey, I can’t get iTunes here in Australia).

I think I share a fairly widely held opinion about the RIAA cases – they’re less about the filesharing and copyright itself and more about the fact that the recording industry badly missed the boat when it comes to modifying their distribution channels in order to cope with the explosion in digital music. Now, they’re scrambling to make back some ground and going after little guys in order to prove they’re still the big dog.

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