Regular readers here will already be aware of my low opinion of DRM, not because I think the labels/distributors/evil overlords are on to a good thing but because:

  • DRM restricts user rights post-purchase – the “I should be able to play this where and when I want” argument
  • DRM hurts content creators – content creators invariably sign over a significant portion of their rights when agreeing to distribution through major distributors, money goes to the distributors rather than the creators
  • DRM is invariably broken -some smarty always figures out a way to “route around the damage” and break DRM

It’s why I actively support causes and groups such as DefectiveByDesign and the EFF.

EMI’s decision to drop DRM on iTunes and add more value to the DRM-free tracks, to my mind, finally indicates the necessary shift in thinking has taken place among the music distributors.  It’s a view shared by many others, and I believe it spells the death of DRM.

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