RSS on Windows – Firefox blows!

I’m sick to death of Firefox/Sage’s fussy RSS reading. I’m forever getting feeds failing to load because of some mystery invalidity that Safari at home doesn’t even notice.

Suggestions for a good reader with the following features:

  • preferably integrated with something else like Firefox or Outlook (I can’t be bothered reading feeds in something separate unless the change would be compelling);
  • fast;
  • looks like Safari (maybe), and;
  • free (this is for my machine at work, after all).

Comment away!

3 Replies to “RSS on Windows – Firefox blows!”

  1. I used to use Sage, and you’re right … it kind of blows… I’m using SharpReader ( … it’s a simple reader written in .net, that really has nothing fancy, but I like that you can create unlimited folders to classify your feeds and import/export OPML files; I don’t know how the MAC one is, so I can’t compare, but out of the ones I’ve tested for PC, this one is the one I like the most.
    Let me know how it goes.

  2. I have to second SharpReader. It’s a fantastic piece of software. Does it’s job, does it well, and doesn’t do anything else. Pretty unobtrusive too: minimizes to a system tray icon that indicates if you have new items, as well as has optional popups (like Outlook does) when new stuff arrives. Definitely one of the better pieces of free software I’ve used, and my main box is Linux, so I use quite a few.

  3. On a slightly different tack you might like to look at Gregarius ( – a web based RSS Aggregator. I find it useful as my feeds are available anytime I have access to a web browser. It’s quick and easy to install – features an easy to follow article on it – and seems to work nicely enough – I’ve yet to suffer any problems with it at least!

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