Ruby on Rails, OpenLaszlo and OS X – can it work?

Dear Lazyweb

I’m trying to get Ruby on Rails and OpenLaszlo to play on OS X (so I have an OS X equivalent of what’s described here). I cannot for the life of me get the OpenLaszlo bit to work with RoR.
Everything installs and behaves beautifully as far as I can tell. Right up until I try to generate the applet, at which point, lots of stuff happens, except for the generation of all the OpenLaszlo .lzx files and associated bits and pieces. It just doesn’t happen… No errors, just no /app/applet.

Also, if I try to run script/generate rest_scaffold on my controller, the expanded code doesn’t generate.

Has anyone had any success with this? Are there any gotchas? I’m using Locomotive 2.0.8 to provide my Ruby on Rails environment and the latest, stable OpenLaszlo 3.3.3 release.

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  1. If you get it running, let me know please. I am simply amazed. I checked out OpenLaszlo recently and I just loaded Locomation 2.0.8! I just wanna know what and how it is going for you.

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