Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder about these people…

Soundbuzz stupidity

Soundbuzz is an Australian (I think) online music store. It would appear that their aim in life is to alienate as many potential customers as possible, with this idiotic approach to browser limitation. To quote:

Thank You for visiting the Soundbuzz Music Store,

! We have detected that the browser you are using is not compatible with the Music Store that you are attempting to access.
This site has been designed to work with Internet Explorer Version 6 or above.
Please launch the site in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Also, music can only be downloaded via your Windows PC as this store is not compatible with Macintosh.

The Soundbuzz team…

Obviously, some people are still living out the browser wars and just don’t have the smart to realise cross-platform delivery is the way to go.

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