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With the huge growth in Voice over IP (VoIP) in the last year, and the increase in use of tools such as Skype (my VoIP tool of choice), I figure it’s about time for the CF community to let each other know what our various Skype handles are.

Of course this would be totally opt-in, but if you do so you’d be leting the CF community know that you were prepared to take part in at least the occasional chat about CF and related issues, as well as offering your support when you can on things you are identified as a community expert on. For example, I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions ACME Guide related, on either OS X or Windows. If the conversation highlighted an important issue, I’d then post the core facts of the conversation here on acid.

An added bonus to this is that having the Skype handles of a bunch of CFers out there gives you someone to talk to when your brain is addled from too many hours of coding and you’re too tired to move away from the keyboard. ;)

So, what do you think? If you’re prepared to be involved, just post your Skype handle in the comments here.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a link to add me to your Skype contacts:

Add me to Skype

Biggest. Pinhead. Ever.

Sean’s unhappy about it. So am I.

Badmouth the Open Source community from an uninformed standpoint. Badmouth an application framework you have little or no knowledge of. Rip off other’s work. Rattle off a bunch of other misinformed or deliberately inflammatory rubbish. Then block comments.

Bad form. You make yourself no friends.

Adobe Developer Relations speech from Adobe President

There are likely to be about a gazillion others blogging the same info, however…

You may all wish to have a look at this small, self-running presentation where Adobe President and COO, Shantanu Narayen presents Adobe’s commitment to the former Macromedia product line (most relevantly for me, especially ColdFusion and Flex) and talks about the upcoming integration of CF, Flex and the LiveCycle (Adobe forms) product line, among a large number of other commitments.

For me at work, this bodes very well for our current platforms and skill set, as well as opening opportunities for use of the LiveCycle product line which Glen and I are currently investigating.

This is exactly what I was talking about just a month ago. Yay Adobe.

Reach out and touch…

So, I’m here at MXDU, watching lots of smart folks present some really good talks. As I’m watching, I’m thinking to myself that it’s a prime opportunity for these people to facilitate staying in touch with each other post-conference.

I’ve seen at least three people using Skype, and I’m sure others are using any number of other IM tools – ICQ, MSN, etc. What we should be doing is arranging a massive swap of IDs for all these tools, so that we can stay in touch and pick each others’ brains when we all get back to work.

Good idea? I think so.

In the interests of this swap, here are my various IM userids:

  • Skype – trib22
  • ICQ – trib
  • MSN – trib@stephencollins.org

I’m happy to take on a bunch more contacts if any of you want to add me – I guarantee I’ll end up picking the brains of most of you. Equally, you’re welcome to pick me ’til I’m bleached bones. To me, that’s what developer communities like us are about.

MXDU (and SANS), here I come!

Like many of you, I’m off to MXDU next week, notebook (paper and ‘puter stylie) in hand. I plan to blog interesting stuff from the floor of the conference, and will be on Skype (trib22) and ICQ (1014940), network permitting, while I’m there.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of meet-ups and beer-testing – a trip to Redoak is definitely on the cards.

Straight after, I’m off to SANS Darling Harbour ’05, for eight straight days of training as a part of a fast-approaching move to our ICT Security Team. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time, and the opportunity came up recently. So, it’ll be a significant career-shift away from web apps development, where I’ve been for nearly 10 years. Anyone else headed to SANS?

Even with the career move, I’ll still be about in the CF community. I plan to keep my hands dirty in CF code away from work.