Nice one, Plazes

Plazes logoLocation/identity Web 2.0 startup Plazes relaunched their service this week with new interface and several new features. It’s looking really good and has lots of promise. I see mashup opportunities with services like Upcoming and Dopplr that have related location-based services.

There have been hiccups, however, not least of which was a buggy and essentially unusable OS X version of the Plazer, their desktop tool for communication with the site.

In a act of radical transparency and awesome awareness of keeping the customer base happy, Plazes have posted an unqualified apology on their blog:

It seems that a lot of people have issues with the new Mac Plazer. It looks like there was a really nasty bug that was hard to catch for us beforehand. Either way, there is no excuse for deploying this to the existing install base of all you Mac users out there.

Nice one, Plazes. Way to differentiate. I hope you get more users because of this.