Best web developer tools

A week or so ago (?) there was a post on digg, or Slashdot, or mezzoblue, or somewhere discussing the best tools for web developers. The post focussed on a key set of Firefox extensions, but if I recall correctly, also branched out into some desktop apps as well. They may have all been open source/freeware/shareware. Can anyone point me back at the article?

Meantime, has anyone taken a good look at Aptana? Particularly the Eclipse extension? It looks pretty comprehensive, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to play as yet.

Flex 2 Beta 1 and Eclipse 3.2M4 – can’t play together?

I’m using the latest milestone release of the Eclipse IDE, and when I tried to install Flex 2 Beta 1 in plugin mode, the install to Eclipse fails, as it expects an Eclipse 3.1 build and the components that go with it. Judging by the error messages in the log, it seems it won’t install on an Eclipse 3.2 build.

Does anyone know of a way to install the Flex 2 Beta Eclipse components to bypass the checks? Is there an Eclipse components only to be obtained somewhere?

Mac ACME coming

I’m setting up my ACME environment on my new Powerbook at the moment (in my copious spare time) and am very nearly there. It’s been quite the learning experience as I get my head around the new environment, refresh my *nix skills and discover the source of the best packages of all the ACME software, plus other bits and pieces.
All of this experience will make its way into the next edition of The ACME Guide, which I plan to write over the break and release at WebDU. It will be a major update, as when it’s finished, The ACME Guide will cover setups for both a Windows and OS X environment.

If any of the Mac users out there have any specific gotchas they think I ought to include, let me know.

WebDU presentation – now I’m begging

Details of the presentation I’ll be giving at WebDU 2006 – Reaching the Peak – developing on the ACME platform – are now available on the WebDU site. I’ve asked a couple of times before for information on what people want to see in this presentation and got nothing. So now I’m begging!

Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease give me some indication of what you’d like to see if you were to attend this presentation. Even if you’re not going to WebDU. I’ll be making the presentation available on this site, so it’ll be here for everyone to see.

Here’s what I’d ask you to do:

  • download the latest version of The ACME Guide;
  • read it;
  • think about what you’d like clarified or expanded upon in a 50 minute presentation;
  • think about what you feel needs extra detail, particularly for inexperienced users;
  • think about the ACME application set (Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse) and any other tools that work with them, and;
  • anything else you think needs coverage.

Provide a comment below giving your feedback on any of these subjects. Really. No, really! Please…

I have to start my first draft pretty soon so it can go to Daemon on time, so your feedback is critically important. Go on, you know you want to.

Accepted to speak at WebDU!

Woohoo! I’ve been accepted to speak at WebDU 2006 (formerly MXDU), the Asia-Pacific’s leading web technology conference! I’ll be speaking on the topic Reaching the Peak –
developing on the ACME platform
. The talk will offer guidance on best-practice development using the ACME (Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse) platform.
The conference isn’t until the start of March, but I have a lot of work to do if I’m to produce the sort of talk I’d want to see as an attendee (since I’ve been to MXDU the past three years, I have some idea of what I consider to be the great talks – I can only dream to live up to Tim Buntel’s tiki lounge effort of 2005).

Alli and I are also going to take the opportunity for her to have a week off, spend her birthday in Sydney (it’s on the first day of the conference) and spend some time relaxing. Should be a world of fun.

Now, back to the serious stuff – if you’re an ACME user, and have read The ACME Guide, what would you like to see in my talk? I’d really appreciate your feedback on this one as I want to give the best presentation I can.

1000 ACME Guides!

My guide to using Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse as a development environment, The ACME Guide Second Edition has now been downloaded 1000 times thanks to some recent mentions of it about the place; including in Polish and Italian!

Personally speaking, that’s pretty overwhelming. It seems that people are finding it useful, which was the whole point behind me writing it in the first place. It’s far from finished; there are many, many things I feel would be valuable to include. I’m also interested in hearing from readers of the Guide what they want in it. I’m open to pretty much any and all ideas, and very keen to hear them!

The ACME Guide 2.3 released

I’ve posted version 2.3 of The ACME Guide at the usual place.

New and changed in this release:

  • some minor amendments to spelling and grammar;
  • corrections to the application directory structure;
  • new service control scripts;
  • more consistency in the embedded images;
  • the beginnings of the section on source control management with some words about using Eclipse Local History, and;
  • changes to account for software updates to the entire ACME stack since the last release – Apache, ColdFusion MX, MySQL and Eclipse have all had new releases.

The latest version has a cover banner the same as the green one above (assuming it’s still green sometime in the future…) which is green. Enjoy!