Vale Gary Gygax

As someone whose formative years were fairly heavily driven by being the nerdy kid who played Dungeons and Dragons (and even now, only not nearly so often), the passing of Gary Gygax nearly two weeks ago marks something of a milestone in the things that make me who I am.

That said, I’m not beyond having a chuckle at this:

Gary, thanks for the memories. You’ll be missed.


If you haven’t seen flOw, you’ve got to go take a look! It’s an insanely addictive Flash-based game centered on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s notion of “flow”, wherein the participant achieves “the feeling of complete and energized focus in an activity, with a high level of enjoyment and fulfillment”.


flOw was developed as a part of Jenova Chen’s MFA thesis.

Halo 2 music rocks out!

If you read Kotaku or watch videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen this already. For the uninitiated, it’s a (badly shot, and with dodgy sound) video of a high school band rocking out the Halo 2 theme on stage.

Kotaku have covered it comprehensively with an original post and a follow-up interview with Hanah Stuart, the talented violinist (she’s now at Juilliard!).

More impressive, Marty O’Donnell, the audio director of Bungie complimented the show on the Bungie-hosted Halo forums (fora?).

Caring for your introvert

This article, despite some of the bitchiness which creeps in (I think it’s tongue-in-cheek), is a frighteningly accurate description of me. Knowing some of the other developer/geek folks I know, it’s a pretty close picture of them too.

Have a read. Is it you?

Mornington Crescent

I was solving some of my Perplex City cards last night, and got to card #140 Mornington Crescent. I spent a good 90 minutes confounded by this card; going all over the web to figure out this infernal game. Wikipedia, Perplex City Forums, Unfiction Forums, and a number of supposed Mornington Crescent sites. Looking… Looking…

Then it dawned on me… The game IS the game (or not). Mornington Crescent is one of those infernal British inventions where it’s not about the game, it about how big and creative an artist of absolute nonsense you can be.

Just lucky I’m an Australian whose sense of humor extends to enjoying the nonsensical nature of British humor. I can’t imagine how messed up in the head this card gets some of the non-British players.

Perplex City Starter Pack

Perplex City Starter Pack

My Perplex City Starter Pack arrived today. Sweet!

Check out the photo on flickr for annotated details.

If you’re not aware of Perplex City, and you’re a geek of any description, you should be! You’ll be hooked. Check out my previous posting on this fascinating, frustrating game here.

Perplex City

Perplex City logo

If you haven’t already seen Perplex City, you MUST take a look! It’s a collectible card game, based on complex puzzle-solving, but with a rich backstory. It’s definitely aimed at adults, and some of the cards are infernally difficult. I’d go so far as to say it’s like Magic: The Gathering for grownups, only much, much better!

My friend, Edmund, passed me his spares on the weekend, and I’m hooked!

Read more at boingboing, here and here.

Hey, if you’re a user of The ACME Guide, send me some cards as a token of your appreciation for my work on it!