flickr geotagging… underwhelmed

While many of you out there are experiencing multi-orgasmic bliss over the geotagging capabilities that flickr and Yahoo! have introduced, I’ve got to say I’m a little less than whelmed…

Why? Not because it isn’t an awesome idea. ‘Cos, demonstrably, it’s an AWESOME idea. No, I’m unhappy because Yahoo! data for Australia is so crappy. The images – both satellite and map – run out at the 1 mile/1 km resolution (the map scale is representative of a single mile/kilometer). This is much worse than the resolution offered on Google Local (that’s my place right in the middle with the orange roof), where I can get 200ft resolution on a map or hybrid, with full street names, and 100ft resolution on a satellite-only image.

To my mind, geotagging is about high-granularity. The ability to tag something, potentially within a couple of meters. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with flickr geotagging. I really hope Yahoo! do everything they can to get much higher resolution data for their under-serviced areas. And that they do it soon.

Mapping your visitors

If your stats package doesn’t already do this, it should.
Check out for a neat implementation of Google Maps vs. Your Visitors. The free version tracks the most recent 20.
If you use SiteMeter to track your site stats, they have a somewhat more powerful implementation of the same thing using Flash rather than Google Maps. It allows some pretty granular drill-down into visitor details.