Mapping the “Big Trip” online

Later this year, Alli, Hannah and I are travelling to the southwest USA for a family holiday.  We’re doing the whole Disneyland/Universal bit first and then joining a 15-day coach tour through Southern California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  It will be Hannah’s first overseas trip.  Obviously, I’ll be blogging the experience, but what I really want to do is map it and annotate the maps.

There are a bunch of online trip planning/itinerary planning sites like itripr and Travellerspoint, but they don’t really seem to do what I want.  Google’s My Maps feature seems to do most of what I want, but doesn’t include point-to-point routes as far as I can figure out.

What I want to do is have:

  • maps embeddable in my blog (Google, tick)
  • waypoints for places visited with annotation capability (Google, tick)
  • markers for hotels stayed at with annotation capability (Google, tick)
  • links to photos on Flickr (not natively in Google, but doable, half a tick)
  • route marking for the bits where we’re driving or on the coach tour (Google, but not with MyMaps, no tick)

Is anyone out there aware of a mashup that will do all of this?  Google My Maps seems to come really close, but the route marking is a key function I want.  Let me know if you know of anything or whether I’ve missed seeing functionality somewhere.

Google Map of World of Warcraft

What a great hack! I don’t play WoW – I just don’t have the time – but this is really clever.

What will be even better will be the restoration of labels and data points (read the info at the bottom of the page) once the digg effect dissipates.

Mapping your visitors

If your stats package doesn’t already do this, it should.
Check out for a neat implementation of Google Maps vs. Your Visitors. The free version tracks the most recent 20.
If you use SiteMeter to track your site stats, they have a somewhat more powerful implementation of the same thing using Flash rather than Google Maps. It allows some pretty granular drill-down into visitor details.