Infrastructure upgrade

UPDATEMediaManager is now working. Watch for reviews and look for ReadListenWatch on the homepage.

I’ve upgraded the software for Acid to the latest Movable Type 3.2 release (read the official announcement). It offers a swag of improvements over earlier versions, including a whizzy new plugin infrastructure. I’ve also moved from the old, default BerkeleyDB to SQLLite. I may well move again to MySQL…

Along with the upgrade, I’ve replaced BookQueueToo with the new MediaManager, also by Byrne Reese. I’m helping with beta testing, and it’s exhibiting some flakiness at the moment (thus no media lists…). One of the new features for MediaManager is the ability to automagically create reviews of media you’ve "consumed" (read seems inappropriate). So, in an act of pure vanity, I will begin offering reviews of books, music and DVDs here from time to time.

Commenting back online

I’ve had commenting only by TypeKey registration on for a while now, and it seems to discourage most (read: all) commenters (I guess my ramblings are not as compelling as Wil Wheaton‘s). I’ve turned that off now, and unregistered commenters are now allowed.

It’s a "rock and a hard place" thing, I guess. I know I’ll get hammered with comment spam, but at least people might comment now. Hopefully MT-Blacklist and SpamLookup will kill most of the badness…

The engine room

Pretty much everyone with a blog faces the curse of comment spam. Brad Choate has just released SpamLookup, an uber-anti-spam plugin which plays nice with MT-Blacklist and which seems to just about kill comment and trackback spam.

I’m very impressed with it, as is Byrne over at majordojo, and Jay Allen (the author of MT-Blacklist).

The plugin-friendly architecture of most blogging systems is a huge boon to any blogger wanting more than the base feature set. Even on a blog as simple as this one, I use several plugins and am always looking for more to boost what I can do.

Getting there…

I’ve made some fairly significant progress on the new look and feel for Acid. And in part, shamelessly ripped off Michael Heilemann’s look and feel at Binary Bonsai. I hope he doesn’t mind too much (he is, after all, the designer of the skin used here).

I’m now also using Movable Type to do all my static publishing, based on this HOWTO by Brad Choate. Of course, this makes my plans for MiiB, all the more complex… Reminder – smack self in head.

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Shiny and new

As I recall, there’s an old song with a line that matches the title of this entry. I think it was a pretty gag-inducing one…

Anyway, welcome to the new skin for the site! It will change a little over the coming days as I tweak it, but it should look pretty sweet assuming I followed the instructions.

It’s an MT-tweaked mod of the Kubrick skin for WordPress. Thanks to the geniuses (genii?) who put it together.