BarCamp Sydney #4 – Saturday, 15 November 2008

The (un)organisers of BarCamp Sydney have let me know that they are preparing for yet another festival of creativity to engage and excite the Australian tech and innovation community. Details below.

Date: 15 November 2008

Venue: UNSW Roundhouse

Time: 9:00AM-5:00PMpm (registration starts at 8:30AM)

Register: Do it yourself on the wiki

If you’ve never been to a BarCamp before, I highly recommend it. Make some time in your schedule. For those that have been before, I needn’t remind you how great BarCamp is. Take a look at my tag list below to see just how much of your life this might touch.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there. I’m not sure how my timetable is yet.

Private: VirtueDesktops – sexier than your average desktop manager

VirtueDesktops and Parallels - sexy

While further exploring the idea of virtual desktops on OS X, as I wrote about the other day, I have come across VirtueDesktops. Based on the original DesktopManager codebase, VirtueDesktops brings teh sexxay to desktop management on OS X.

It seems to be very stable, and, as stated by the developer “under active development”, whereas Desktop Manager is seemingly a little stale. So active, in fact, that Tony is helping out the folks from Parallels with some of their desktop/VM switching code as well as improving his own app.

Download it and check it out!

Desktop Manager – an OS X cool tool

If, like me, you are a PowerBook owner who has either:

  • used a desktop with multiple monitors
  • used a *nix distro

you’ll be familiar with the concept of using multiple desktops, either physical or virtual In order to improve your productivity. In Linux/Unix of pretty much every flavor, this has been standard fare for just about forever. it’s also something I missed when I moved to OS X.

If you’d like that ability to use multiple desktops back, let me introduce Desktop Manager for OS X. It’s (oddly enough) a virtual desktop manager for OS X. It’s pretty powerful, with a swag of useful features. It has also become one of my critical apps, launched at startup.

Given recent publicity all over again about the productivity improvements of working with multiple screens, Desktop Manager provides an experience not too far removed from that.

You can also read an interesting and lengthy interview with Desktop Manager’s developer, Rich Wareham, at DrunkenBlog.

The ACME Guide, 3rd Edition now available here!

Issues fixed! .pdf available for your downloading pleasure!

As promised, I have released the 3rd Edition of The ACME Guide to accompany my presentation on ACME development at webDU.

The ACME Guide cover

The new version has a number of new features including:

  • both Windows and OS X installation guides
  • basic information on using source code management (SCM) tools with your ACME development
  • information on using bug tracking software alongside ACME and your SCM
  • a brand-new more book-like format

I hope you enjoy it. If you get some use out of it, and you feel the many hours of work on my part which has gone into the Guide are worth it, please contribute something, no matter how small, from my Amazon Wishlist.

Get the Guide here.


Mint screen capture

I was looking at my site stats this morning and saw this. “WTF is Shiira?”, I asked myself.

Well, it turns out that Shiira is a Japanese project to write a “browser that is better and more useful than Safari” based around Apple’s Web Kit. So far, it looks pretty sweet, and you’ve got to check out the page transition effect; not perfect yet, but sweet nonetheless.

On top of all this, Shiira is Open Source and free, and there’s even a web browser widget for Dashboard.

Biggest. Pinhead. Ever.

Sean’s unhappy about it. So am I.

Badmouth the Open Source community from an uninformed standpoint. Badmouth an application framework you have little or no knowledge of. Rip off other’s work. Rattle off a bunch of other misinformed or deliberately inflammatory rubbish. Then block comments.

Bad form. You make yourself no friends.

TheOpenCD 3.1 released

We all know I’m an open source software advocate. TheOpenCD is the best 650Mb of download you’ll ever get. The range of expensive and/or bloated software you can replace with this one CD is awesome!

Get it!