Local Subversion using svn:// gotcha – a life lesson in RTFM

I’ve set up Subversion on my Powerbook using the package provided by Martin Ott. One thing Martin’s packages don’t appear to include (I may have missed them somehow) is the Apache modules for Subversion, so connection to your local repository via http://, which is the most common method, is a no-go. I’ve always used http://, so I’ve never encountered the following issue in the past.
Essentially, this leaves you with either the file:// or svn:// protocols to play with. I’m using Eclipse as my IDE, and the Subclipse plugin to talk with the repository. As Subclipse apparently doesn’t play nice with file://, producing errors and failing to connect, you’re left with svn:// as your only option. That said, it’s a perfectly viable option.
I’ve put myself through a couple of nights of pain as I’ve tried to figure out why, when I start the Subversion server using svnserve -d -r /usr/local/svn/blog I could check out, but couldn’t commit. Eclipse was particularly unhelpful in producing virtually no error messages.

Here’s where the lesson in RTFM begins…

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Complete n00b’s guide to Subversion? Does it exist?

So, I’m starting to play with Subversion in preparation for my next round of updates to The ACME Guide. I’ve seen The Book, and have read much of it, but what I’m really after is a total n00b’s guide to the thing that holds my hand through it all – including, if possible, the whole Subclipse thing as well.
I’ve used CVS for so long, that this (albeit relatively small) shift is messing with my mind. Check-in/check-out/add seems pretty straightforward, but any more and I’m all messed up.

Help me out here, folks!