webDU – aftermath

So, webDU is over for another year. Here are my highlights:

  1. Geoff calling my wife, Alli, up at the Gala Dinner to receive a birthday present (it was her birthday, after all) and the entire crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to her;
  2. Alli again, fondling James Talbot’s impressive cyclist’s calves at the Speaker party, and then apologising to his wife for molesting her husband;
  3. Meeting Rob Rohan, founder on the CFEclipse project and his beautiful wife Kristin;
  4. Catching up, once again, with all those excellent folks I rarely get to see – shouts out to (as I remember them – in no order) Minty, Mike, Bruce, Andrew, Robin, Martin, Brian, Geoff, Emma, Rob, Mesh, Richard, Matt and anyone I forgot;
  5. Speaking for the first time, and to a group who seemed to actually get value from my talk. Thanks for attending to everyone who was there;
  6. The Adobe Intelligent Document Platform/LiveCycle (the heart of my current work) seeing the light of day at an Australian conference;
  7. Straker once again having schwag of the conference with their multitool (photo on flickr soon);
  8. Flex 2.0 (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease release the tools for OS X!)

I have a bunch of photos in the camera. I’ll upload them to flickr and put them in the webDU Conference pool tonight.

webDU – checked in

I’ve just checked in to my hotel; The Avillion on Pitt Street in Sydney. It’s about 15-20 minutes walk to StarCity for the conference, but I have good reasons for being here – it’s 5-star, close to everything in Sydney city and the corprate rate I get through my wife, Alli’s, employer is second to none. We’re saving about AU$100/night over what it would cost us at StarCity. The only pain is the AU$22/day Internet charge. At least work is paying!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the User Group meeting tonight, and over the next couple of days!

Mac ACME coming

I’m setting up my ACME environment on my new Powerbook at the moment (in my copious spare time) and am very nearly there. It’s been quite the learning experience as I get my head around the new environment, refresh my *nix skills and discover the source of the best packages of all the ACME software, plus other bits and pieces.
All of this experience will make its way into the next edition of The ACME Guide, which I plan to write over the break and release at WebDU. It will be a major update, as when it’s finished, The ACME Guide will cover setups for both a Windows and OS X environment.

If any of the Mac users out there have any specific gotchas they think I ought to include, let me know.

WebDU presentation – now I’m begging

Details of the presentation I’ll be giving at WebDU 2006 – Reaching the Peak – developing on the ACME platform – are now available on the WebDU site. I’ve asked a couple of times before for information on what people want to see in this presentation and got nothing. So now I’m begging!

Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease give me some indication of what you’d like to see if you were to attend this presentation. Even if you’re not going to WebDU. I’ll be making the presentation available on this site, so it’ll be here for everyone to see.

Here’s what I’d ask you to do:

  • download the latest version of The ACME Guide;
  • read it;
  • think about what you’d like clarified or expanded upon in a 50 minute presentation;
  • think about what you feel needs extra detail, particularly for inexperienced users;
  • think about the ACME application set (Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse) and any other tools that work with them, and;
  • anything else you think needs coverage.

Provide a comment below giving your feedback on any of these subjects. Really. No, really! Please…

I have to start my first draft pretty soon so it can go to Daemon on time, so your feedback is critically important. Go on, you know you want to.

Accepted to speak at WebDU!

Woohoo! I’ve been accepted to speak at WebDU 2006 (formerly MXDU), the Asia-Pacific’s leading web technology conference! I’ll be speaking on the topic Reaching the Peak –
developing on the ACME platform
. The talk will offer guidance on best-practice development using the ACME (Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse) platform.
The conference isn’t until the start of March, but I have a lot of work to do if I’m to produce the sort of talk I’d want to see as an attendee (since I’ve been to MXDU the past three years, I have some idea of what I consider to be the great talks – I can only dream to live up to Tim Buntel’s tiki lounge effort of 2005).

Alli and I are also going to take the opportunity for her to have a week off, spend her birthday in Sydney (it’s on the first day of the conference) and spend some time relaxing. Should be a world of fun.

Now, back to the serious stuff – if you’re an ACME user, and have read The ACME Guide, what would you like to see in my talk? I’d really appreciate your feedback on this one as I want to give the best presentation I can.