ColdFusion MX 7.0.2, XAMPP for OS X and something…

UPDATE – Hmmm… Reboot, make sure everything is in the right place with the right settings and voila! It all works. One should try to solve one’s problems before panicking publically.

I got my PowerBook back from repair yesterday, and I decided to play around with XAMPP for OS X, and the new ColdFusion 7.0.2 release. And now, I’ve struck a problem – I can’t even get to the CF Administrator.

I installed a clean CF after getting XAMPP up and running. I made sure that the Java runtime I’m pointing to is for 1.4.2 and not 1.5, given the information out on the web that tell me to make sure I do this. Now, when I try to configure CF for the first time, I get the initial wizard login and then, a “JRun Servlet Error” and an HTTP 500 error message.

Anyone seen this? Know what it is? My everlasting thanks if you can solve my problem.