TED Session 1 – Reboot

Here’s the thing, I can’t write fast enough to make all this make this all make sense, so what I’m going to do is post my raw notes from each session. Crazy, I know, but hopefully it gives you at least a feel for what’s going on. When I get time, I’ll go through and add more links and detail.

Ask questions if you want more detail.

Juan Enriquez

  • The economy (elephant)
  • When you’re dancing in the flames, what’s next?
  • Banks over-leveraged (Citibank 47x)
  • Mandatory spending now hits 100% at 2017 (maybe sooner)
  • Banish entitlements
  • Work longer (2-4 more years)
  • Reduce military by 3% pa
  • Limit borrowing
  • 225 largest Japanese companies worth 25% of 18 years ago
  • “As we cut we must also grow”
  • Louis L’Amour – end… beginning
  • Skin cells rebooted to stem cells – you can make any body part
  • Oscar Pistorius – combine engineering, robotics, humans – eventually unbeatable
  • Ears now – soon better than normal
  • Eyes beginning
  • There will be a new species of hominids – before we die – take direct control (the ultimate reboot)

jane@ted.com – TED scribe, ask her questions and Chris will ask the speakers.

P.W. Singer

  • Military tech
  • Packbot
  • Reality is that robots are now doing mundane tasks but will move to critical life and death decision
  • 5300 drones
  • 12K unmanned ground units – Model T
  • Moore’s Law working on military robots
  • We are in a revolution in war
  • Affect the who of fighting at its most fundamental level
  • Warfare now open source
  • War from afar – costless war
  • War porn
  • More PTSD in remote distance fighters – it’s like a video game and we don’t have the same cognitive or conscience filters. 12 hour shifts and home for dinner.
  • How do we rethink the rules of war?

Yves Behar and Forrest

  • Serendipity and collaboration
  • Met at TED last year
  • Mission 1 motorcycle

Comcast broadband ad – shaved panther rabbit with jets – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzxGyty80PM

Thomas Dolby

  • music aids “digestion”

Naturally 7

  • UK charts this week
  • Acapella
  • Beatboxing as a seriously amazing art form
  • Vocal play
  • Wall of sound

David Hanson

  • Robotics
  • Freaky robot faces that look human
  • Conversational response

Bill Gates

  • 2nd time at TED
  • Rebooting philanthropy
  • “Hope I’m not in the Reboot section because sometimes you need to reboot your PCs.”
  • “Any tough problem, I think, can be solved.”
  • Malaria control
    • Bed nets and DDT reduce deaths by 50%
    • Foundation backing drug research – phase 3 trials
  • Great teachers
    • Make opportunity equal for all students, not just top 20%
    • Over 30% drop out rate in US – 50% in minorities
    • Higher chance of going to jail than completing 4yr degree in US if in low income bracket
    • Best teachers not the most senior ones
    • Masters’ degree has nearly no measurable effect
    • Past performance only truly significant measure
    • KIPP program – dynamic, engaging
  • US$3.8B from Gates Foundation in 2009, half on global health initiatives
  • As you improve health there is direct correlation with reduction in population growth as parents feel they do not need to reproduce so many children who *might* survive to adulthood
  • Opportunities compound (Gladwell and Gates) – luck and skill combine
  • Don’t optimise for your epitaph

Ben Zander

  • Conductor Boston Philharmonic
  • Happy Birthday to YOU
  • We have distinguished possibility.
  • What will you do next time you sing “Happy Birthday”? Or indeed next time in anything?
  • You can choose to get up and conduct.
  • Resignation. Anger. Possibility.
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