TED Session 2 – Reframe

The second TED session was possibly more mind-blowing than the first. Great speakers and arts. Huge ideas. Calls for action.

Gamelan X and ArcheDream

  • Weird beautiful chromatic dancers
  • Very like Cirque du Soleil
  • Online collaboration to bring together

Tom Reilly

  • Goes through the TED gift bag
  • Bags made from Coke bottles
  • Lots of very cool stuff, much of which has a sustainability or green or empowerment focus

Tim Berners-Lee

  • 20 years since inventing the WWW
  • Was a side project 18 months after he proposed it
  • “Vague but exciting” – memo note from TB-L’s boss
  • Hypertext documents cool but not enough
  • Now put your data there
  • Hyperlinked and manipulated data much more exciting, e.g. Hans Roslin’s TED talk
  • Linked data – data has relationships
  • dbpedia links data from Wikipedia to other related data sources!!!
  • Don’t hug your database, give us the unadulterated data (especially governments)
  • “Raw data now!”
  • Your social networks are about linked data – relationships
  • OpenStreetMap – add your own data
  • Make it and demand it

Cindy Gallop

  • Has sex with younger men (in 20s)
  • Encounters behaviors that exhibit the growth of pervasiveness of hardcore porn
  • Sexual behavior changing affected by accessibility to porn
  • Porn is defacto sex education thanks to prudish attitudes in society
  • makelovenotporn.com
  • Explodes the behavioral myths of hardcore porn
  • Use site to change behaviors and have a realistic conversation

Yair Landau

  • Left Sony after 17 years after TED last year
  • Began looking at collaboration for CGI film
  • Mass collaboration – 50K people, 440 shots

Nandan Nilekani

  • Growth of ideas(In India) we now think of people as human capital not a societal burden
  • Demographic dividend – India will be only young country in an aging world
  • Language an asset
  • From man vs machine to man and machine – technology now empowering
  • Indians very comfortable with globalisation – no longer viewed as a form of Imperialism
  • Deepening of democracy
  • Universal access to K-6
  • Infrastructure growth
  • Cities=growth engines
  • Single market
  • Policy making gridlock thanks to castes, etc.
  • Job protection hampering job creation
  • Energy drives growth

Pattie Maes

  • We use our senses to understand situations
  • We don’t have access to all the info we need
  • Can we have a 6th sense for metadata?
  • We don’t have the luxury of meta info as we need it and can’t make optimal decisions
  • MIT working on tools to give access to meta info
  • Current kit is US$350 – webcam, projector, cell phone
  • The camera software tracks gestures
  • Use any surface to interact with projected info
  • Totally mobile
  • Mass production for about the cost of a cell phone
  • Access to any required data based on personal preference
  • Harry Potter newspapers!
  • Tagged reality
  • Work in progress
  • 10 years to being biologically wired in

Al Gore

  • methane content in atmosphere growing thanks to bioactivity related to increased ice melt
  • entire Antarctic now has negative ice balance
  • Himalayas now has new lakes that used to be glaciers – reduced river flow availability from melt available to 2B people!
  • Andes – drinking water volume down
  • dramatic global increase in forest fire
  • 4x increase last 30 years over previous 75 years in climate-related disaster events
  • 70M tons of CO2 each day into atmosphere from human
  • fossil fuel burn now a significant percentage of total emissions
  • clean coal is an OXYMORON
  • a new clean energy movement = jobs growth and financial recovery (at least in part)

Ray Anderson

  • Husband, father, grandfather and industrialist
  • As competitive as anyone else in business
  • Reinvent the industrial system
  • “Whole problem is the decline of the biosphere”
  • Potentially 1000 years for the atmosphere to recover
  • Read Ecology of Commerce in 1994
  • “Take nothing and do no harm”
  • “Unless somebody leads, nobody will”
  • “I am a recovering plunderer”
  • There must be a clear, demonstrable alternative
  • Modified Erlich equation
  • Down 82% in absolute tonnage of CO2 with 2x profit
  • 75% reduction in H2O use in carpet tile manufacturing
  • 50% reduction in H2O use in broadloom manufacturing
  • 74K tons of used carpet completely recycled
  • 85M sq yds of no net waste carpet sold since 2002Only halfway to Zero Footprint. 2020 target for Mission Zero.
  • Incredibly good for business
  • Protect Tomorrow’s Child (poem)
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