TED Session 3 – Reconnect

Another session where we were challenged, exhorted and faced with the growing reality of our affect on the planet. In all – it’s time to take action, people.

Be and do something!

Seth Godin

  • Balloon animals
  • We try to change everything
  • What is that process like?
  • SF become the first no kill city in the US (ASPCA)
  • Then NY, N Carolina, others
  • Any idea has a lot behind it
  • We are living through a period where we are changing the way ideas are made
  • Factories
    • efficiency advantage
    • cheaper labor and faster machines
  • Ads
    • push
    • we have a better mousetrap
    • mass marketing means your product has to be average in ideas and needs plenty of ads
    • hypnotise the consumer
  • Tribes
    • connect people and ideas
    • tribes are everywhere (Ukranian dancers)
    • tribes can change things because they want to
    • go out and make a movement
    • you don’t need everyone (Kevin Kelly)
    • heretics are our leaders – they work against the status quo
    • don’t be a “sheepwalker”
    • you just need a few
  • Tell a story —> Connect a tribe —> Lead a movement —> Make change —> (loop back)
  • Leaders mnemonic of C’s
    • Challenge
    • Culture
    • Curiosity
    • Connect
    • Charisma (given by the tribe)
    • Commit
  • So go create a movement today
  • We need you to lead us

Saul Griffith

  • 1000 years of history for kites
  • Wright Bros > kites become toys again
  • Miles Lloyd > more sky=more power
  • Maui testing kite powered energy generation
  • Working toward megawatt scale kites
  • 6Mw from 747-sized kite
  • All US electricity in 10 years if commitment

Jake Eberts (and Jaques Perrin)

  • Are we so overwhelmed that we can’t act?
  • Jaques Perrin is thinking about the creatures of the ocean
  • Making a film, “Oceans” about life beyond land – 2 years pre-production, 4 years shooting
  • All latitudes
  • New techniques of filming to stay with the animals during movement
  • Amazing footage* – we got a 9 minute sneak peek
  • Jaques on stage
  • “This is not about words”
  • All of us have the same salt percentage in our blood as the ocean – help us return to our origin

Sandy Leong

  • Her adoptive parents moved to the US for work – lived in Anchorage (doctor)
  • Sandy adopted
  • Brother adopted too, 18 months later
  • Remembers thinking of hospital “this is where babies come from”
  • When records opened, brother sought information on birth parents
  • Sandy sought smae info at later date
  • She and brother received same information about nature of birth parents
  • Thinking was “Bullshit!” This must be the same information they give to every Chinese extracted adoptee
  • Really did share the same parents
  • “If I ever need a kidney…”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

  • Showed us the TED Commandments
  • Commandment 10 – “Show the impact”
  • “My work is to show our impact on the planet”
  • Amazing, evocative photos of man’s impact – pollution, reduction in food, land degradation, deforestation
  • We use 3x more oil than we find each year
  • “We don’t want to believe what we know”
  • Northern sea ice melt now means new Atlantic-Pacific crossing during Summer
  • 40% reduction in permanent Arctic sea ice over 50 years ago’
  • Kilimanjaro has lost 80% of its ice
  • 77% of global wild fish stocks now overfished
  • 1B people do not have enough to eat
  • 50K square miles of deforestation a year
  • 20M refugees in the world
  • 5K interviews in the 6 Billion Others project – www.6billionothers.org
  • www.goodplanet.org
  • Also filming Home for the last 3 years
  • We’re moving faster than the planet can sustain
  • On June 5, Home will be downloadable and  have no copyright
  • “Use it as you want”
  • “It’s too late to be pessimistic. We are all a part of the solution. Be bold. Act now.”

Matt Harding

  • Dancing Matt is in Palm Springs!
  • “100 bajillion views”
  • Dancing should be fun, natural, easy
  • New idea – each culture doing their own national dance
  • Too “It’s a Small World” – cynical
  • Melissa (Matt’s girlfriend) found the twist in the tale – teach them someone else’s dance
  • Make connections criss-crossing the globe
  • Find new solutions to old problems
  • Want to dance?
  • Crowd rushes the stage!

Regina Spektor

  • Insane voice – lyrical, sweet, touching, clever
  • Working with Ben Folds
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