TEDxCanberra – A dream fulfilled

What takes 250 of my hours over eight months and countless other volunteer hours, about $20,000, a team of 12, a 3-camera film crew, a national monument, a fair bit of missed sleep, a heap of running around, 18 presenters and nearly 300 attendees from all over the Eastern states?

The answer is TEDxCanberra.

And for this year, it’s done.

When I first proposed the idea via email and Twitter to a few friends and acquaintances from the Canberra web, tech, social innovation and public sector communities, I figured we’d manage. I really didn’t have any clue what it would take, nor how absolutely fulfilling bringing TEDxCanberra to life would be.

More than enough people have spoken about the talks, and how good they were, so I’m not going to discuss them. Suffice it to say, I think TEDxCanberra punched above its weight (thanks, Pete Williams) in attracting a dazzling array of Australia’s most inspiring and interesting people to present. I’m not sure quite how we managed it, but we did and I’m glad for it. I just wonder what we’re going to have to do in 2011 to top the lineup we had this year.

So, let me talk about the people. Because without people, dedicated people, events like TEDxCanberra don’t happen.

The core team for TEDxCanberra have become some of my best friends and most valued colleagues. These are people I would trust with anything, because I know they’ll deliver. They’re incredible, beautiful people whose commitment to my crazy idea brought about a day that I think was one of the best big ideas events Canberra has seen. Yes, I’m biased, but I’m convinced I’m right (Ash Donaldson’s talk notwithstanding).

So, to my crew – Alli, Hannah, Clare, Lozz, Michael, Gavin, Nat and Ruth – I say thank you. You guys have helped me fulfil a dream.

To the on the day volunteers and to our supporters, particularly the NLA, thank you.

And to those that spoke and attended, thank you too. Without you, there is no TEDxCanberra.

I can’t wait to do it all again in 2011!

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  1. I’m still totally distracted thinking about TEDxCanberra. No conference has ever had such a long-lasting impact on me. Thanks for hosting and driving the organising of this event – it was awesome!

    Shame I probably won’t be around to help out with or attend TEDxCanberra 2011 as I’ll be in NZ but best of luck!

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