Telstra out of NBN. And deservedly so.

So, in news this morning, it appears that the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, has made one of its few bright decisions for the year in excluding Telstra’s bid from the National Broadband Network. I’m no telco pundit, but as an interested citizen who will be affected by the NBN and any Telstra involvement, I do have an opinion.

News stories at the ABC and Australian IT confirm that Telstra Chairman, Donald McGauchie, is less than delighted. Tough, frankly. The bid was incomplete and trivialised the process as well as the importance of the NBN itself. Telstra’s last-minute, recycled bid was an act of corporate contempt at best. This sort of behavior on the part of big corporates does not win friends and influence people.

The contempt with which senior Telstra management treated NBN was unconscionable and a remarkable display of corporate hubris. It flies in the face of the corporate culture that we in the connected world can see that Telstra people on the ground are trying to foster with the changes at Now We Are Talking and the use of tools like Twitter and @BigPondTeam to really connect with customers.

Good numbers of the workers have made mistakes, learned and moved on from their old ways to a much better, more open and connected organisation. The senior management continues to believe that being, to quote a trading phrase, “big swinging dicks”, is going to get them what they want. I hope that the Federal Court tells Telstra to pull their heads in when the inevitable case comes before the Full Bench.

Interestingly, the cultural changes, which were detailed in a recent article in AFR Boss, don’t seem to be being lived by the senior management…

My friend, Stilgherrian, has more analysis.

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  1. Nice analysis. It is so incredibly frustrating that the thinking just isn’t there in government and the private sector on the need for a half decent broadband network in Australia. We are slipping further and further behind.

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