The 2020 Summit

Over the weekend, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, announced the 2020 Summit to address challenges facing Australia. In an encouraging move, Leader of the Opposition, Brendan Nelson has thrown his party’s support behind the summit. It appears that in 2008, bipartisanship has a chance of functioning! At least on this issue.

This would appear to be an amazing opportunity for some of our leading thinkers and doers to take part in something that could really mess with inertia and the status quo. But there will need to be action out of the summit.

Policy areas to be discussed are (my emphasis):

  • Future directions for the economy, including education, skills, training, science and innovation
  • Economic infrastructure, the digital economy and the future of Australia’s cities
  • Population, sustainability, climate change, water
  • Rural industries and communities
  • National health strategy
  • Families, communities and social inclusion
  • Indigenous Australia
  • The future of Australia’s arts, film and design
  • Democracy, open government, the role of the media, the structure of federation, citizens’ rights and responsibilities
  • Future security and prosperity

The Australian Tech community, and its practitioners working in the Internet and Web industries in particular think this is a great idea and have launched a blog to host discussion about our concerns and issues. will be a place for the community to host that discussion, bring forward our thought leaders and hopefully, get them in the eye of the 2020 Summit organisers and get them on the panel for the event.

The fabulous Laurel Papworth has already kicked off discussion on the summit and hopefully we’ll get some real activity going in the blogosphere.

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