The ACME Guide, 3rd Edition now available here!

Issues fixed! .pdf available for your downloading pleasure!

As promised, I have released the 3rd Edition of The ACME Guide to accompany my presentation on ACME development at webDU.

The ACME Guide cover

The new version has a number of new features including:

  • both Windows and OS X installation guides
  • basic information on using source code management (SCM) tools with your ACME development
  • information on using bug tracking software alongside ACME and your SCM
  • a brand-new more book-like format

I hope you enjoy it. If you get some use out of it, and you feel the many hours of work on my part which has gone into the Guide are worth it, please contribute something, no matter how small, from my Amazon Wishlist.

Get the Guide here.

4 Replies to “The ACME Guide, 3rd Edition now available here!”

  1. Terry and dickbob – answers below.

    ELO, correct. You prove you are at least as old as me and have watched Xanadu. Being over 35 I have no issue with, the second should be our secret shame ;)

    I use the CFMX Multiserver install for a couple of reasons:
    – it matches my work production environment, which is where the idea for the Guide came from initially, and;
    – installing CFMX Multiserver or as a J2EE application gives you a world more flexibility than the stock install. See the top of p22 in the latest version for a brief explanation.

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