The ACME Guide – new location

Given that downloads of The ACME Guide generate a significant proportion of this site’s content, it’s only right that I let those who care know that the Guide is now in a new place thanks to the housekeeping/redesign we’ve been up to here at acidlabs.

So, the new URL is

Tell your friends. Especially the ones needing help setting up a ColdFusion development workstation with Open Source software.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you very much for this resource. I went start to finish, and meticulously followed the instructions (even the teeny weeny ones). It worked perfectly on the first run. I spent about 2 weeks trying before this Guide, and had nothing but problems.

    Do you have any desire to include an extra chapter/section on how to set up Flex 2 in this environment? That is all that is missing for someone with my needs.

    Thanks kindly,


  2. @Shawn – I’ll probably write a new version for release at webDU 2007. That appears to be my timetable now that the Guide is bedded down.

    I’d love to include a Flex section, I just haven’t had the time to even play with Flex. Maybe early next year, leading into a new version. Of course, with all the changes on the Mac side (Intel, etc.) that will need serious amendment too. My wife already thinks she’s lost me to the computer, I will need to negotiate.

  3. I just want to say I owe you a great debt. I’ve spent probably 25 years (I ‘poked’ data in a VIC-20…always to no avail, when I was 12…and thus began my plight into data darkness) and I’ve NEVER found a way to make data something I can comprehend. I can look at a database in Access and tell you what it’s doing if it’s already written, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten. And I can of course insert .sql text files into MySQL, and understand the lines, but not write them usually, from scratch.

    I’ve been using Flash and PHP and MySQL for several years, in the same boat…always grabbing scripts like the amazing forum Steven Webster wrote for Flash and PHP4, for example.

    I made a database in your installation in literally 5 minutes, and with the ability (I hope) to use Access, I am at a great advantage because a lot of my job revolves around administering these (half-functional Access databases made by someone who was a bit of a mad scientist, made these for me, then left the organization…half working)…so I can import them and, well, look.

    You may have just solved, or gone a GREAT length to helping me solve, what has been the biggest and most frustrating thorn in my side for the last 25 years, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. It’s definitely Christmas here…thanks to you. A unified environment front-to-back is something I’ve always dreamed of…with much of the data handling taken care of, to a certain extent.

    I installed the Flex plug-in tonight, and all went well, I am just not sure at this point where everything goes when the goal is to be as logical as possible. For example, when I make a project, I want all these things to talk together as you’ve made them do in the ACME pachage…and I want (and did via the installation) 3 websites via VirtualHosts, so it’s a bit of a mangle in my head right now.

    But having said that, you’ve already done way more than enough. I am sure I can live with Flex as it is now, and with experience I’ll know how to move things around, I’m pretty sure.

    Don’t negotiate with your wife, just give her your heart for a while, in earnest, and she’ll always let you have your ‘other’ fun…well maybe a BIT of negotiation will be required…Wives are women, after all:)

    My most sincere thanks. You’ve given me hope here.


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