The Acquisition – Bright future possible

Many former Macromedians, Adobe staff and other community bloggers have already given their 2c worth on this subject – check MXNA, the ‘Goog or Adobe Blogs. I figure I ought to have my say as well.

The general feel out there among the “on the inside” bloggers appears to be a good one. People are apparently looking forward to working together and are pretty excited about the possibilities of the coming together of all these technologies.
I was fairly cynical about the acquisition when it was announced, but I have a much better feeling about it now than I’ve had at any point up to now. It looks like Adobe see the value in the Macromedia product line and are looking for opportunities to merge and enhance functionality.

Given my current work, I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the space where the LiveCycle products meet ColdFusion and Flex. We have a large, in-house developed, forms delivery package which uses a number of technologies – ColdFusion, WebSphere MQ, Java interfaces and some other bits and pieces I’m yet to get my head around (I’ve only been in this job a week).

Adobe, and now the former Macromedia have a big job on their hands with many facets – they need to keep life in the product range and move it forward, they need to maintain and grow staff confidence in the acquisition and where it’s taking the “new” Adobe (which will be a difficult job) and they need to keep their collective developer and user communities on side, which may yet be the biggest challenge.

I hope this all works. Good luck!

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