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Blogging is hard work. We all know that. And not all of us have a job that lets us blog as a part of our work (even me, sometimes). To blog successfully (for a broad definition of success) you need to read and comment on other blogs, keep up with happenings in the space your blog covers and ideally, have some regular visitors to keep the traffic flowing

There are now lots of great Australian blogs covering a wealth of topics. And better yet, there’s now a place for bloggers of all levels of experience to go to discuss their issues.

A small group of Australian bloggers – Snoskred, Andrew Boyd and Meg Tsiamis – have set up Aussie Bloggers with the aim of “empowering, encouraging, supporting and promoting Aussie Bloggers and the Australian blogosphere in general”. There is also a group of moderators, including me, who come with years of practical blogging and online experience. The team is:

I’m excited to be involved with Aussie Bloggers and hope it grows into a valuable resource for the Australian blogging community.

You can register for the forum if you’d like to be involved or ask a question.

Image: Uluru by jukerr. Some rights reserved.

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