The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak

Regular, long-tern readers and my friends know I am an instructor for Rhee Taekwondo.  Over my many years of learning and teaching the art, like most, I’ve suffered some minor injuries – bruises here and there, a scratch or two, one dislocated finger and, worst, a medial ligament tear just days before I was due to grade for my Black Belt that delayed my grading six months.

I’ve been away from training the past few months as I got acidlabs off the ground.  As such, my fitness leaves something to be desired, and I’ve gained some weight.  Today, I see that that, and encroaching 40-ness (in just over a year) are signs to take care.

Last night at training, I had an accident that has resulted in tears of the ligaments of both my left ankle and knee.  They hurt like a… hurty thing and I’m basically the same thickness from ankle to knee.  Which is to say, swollen.  I can’t walk without the help of a cane.  I’m off to the doctor tomorrow for an exam and after that, I expect there will be specialists and physiotherapy.

So, for those of us who remember how things we used to do – football, riding, martial arts, whatever – are supposed to work, just be aware that unfortunate things can happen when muscle memory exceeds the body’s capability to actually do things.

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  1. ow, ow, ow…

    As a long time martial arts enthusiast, I completely feel your pain!

    I’ve managed to do some interesting injuries myself, including tearing fascia in my elbow, and nastily spraining/tearing my trap and pectoral during wrestling practice (amazing what happens when someone uses your head as a fulcrum).

    I hope you get better soon!

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