The Perfect Gift for a Man

pg4amA few months back, the Inspire Foundation ran a campaign they called Man Week. Designed to call attention to the terrible loss occurring amongst young men dealing with depression and suicide (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the current suicide rate for men in Australia is more than three times the rate of women) it attracted the attention of many, including Gavin Heaton, the Servant of Chaos, and all-around good guy, Mark Pollard. On their prompting, several of the Australian tech and broader geek community contributed their own tales of dealing with manhood, as did I.

In fact, telling my tale inspired me to start getting fit again and to deal openly with a number of issues in my life. That journey is being progressively chronicled on my personal blog.

The other tales in the book are inspiring, troubling, thoughtful and go to show that dealing with being a man and all that means in a society like Australia that is often reticent to discuss personal issues is a universal issue.

And today, the telling of those tales comes to fruition, as we have published The Perfect Gift for a Man, in eBook and paperback form. You can buy the printed book from or you can purchase the eBook version from The Perfect Gift for a Man website. ALL the profits from the book are being donated to The Inspire Foundation.

If you’re keen to get a quick snapshot of what it’s all about, take a look at the social media release.

Please buy a copy and give it to a man in your life, especially if he is dealing with issues that may be troubling. Our stories may just help him to know he’s not alone.

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