The Search Engine Experiment

The Search Engine Experiment in an interesting exercise in SEO and search engine algorithms. It provides a side-by-side blind result set from three search engines which you can then select the most relevant result set from.

I tried it out with the string “acme guide“, given that’s a core reason for this site’s existence. One site gives me a sweet result set, with the main page for The ACME Guide on top, with other relevant results in lower positions. Another includes relevant results, but not pointing to this site. The third… well, yes.

Unfortunately my favorite search engine, Google, doesn’t provide the best result set. I figure given my relatively low traffic and number of inbound links, I’m being cruelled by PageRank. That said, at least Google’s results are relevant.

2 Replies to “The Search Engine Experiment”

  1. its wack yo. Google became our favorite search engine because they were the best. Then they went experoballistic with their methods and now half the results are webspambots. Yahoo is rokking now because they use the google index against their own plus who knows what else.

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