The “terrorists” are winning the war on terror


Sorry. Had to do that.

This story from the UK (via boingboing) and a story out of Sydney I heard on ABC NewsRadio this morning in which Jewish students at Sydney University are having to wear baseball caps over their yarmulkes in order to avoid being targetted in racial-religious attacks; Muslim students are being targetted too. This all points to a growing intolerance of cultural diversity and pervasive fear of difference (especially when those who are different might be “terrorists” – bullshit!) in Western culture.

I’m sure the point can be argued, but to me, this all smacks of small-minded xenophobia brought on by the anti-terrorism fearmongering of our governments. This is NOT the culture I was born into. Australia used to be a largely tolerant society, along with its cultural neighbors – the UK and the USA.

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