Thou shalt not view our site

Thou shalt not view our site

Check this! I was trying to get a look at the web site for the new show Weeds (actual site here, but apparently I’m not allowed to look at it), as I’ve read a few good things about it. But apparently, Showtime US deems us antipodean types as not a suitable audience for their website. Stranger decisions have been made, but I’m yet to bear witness to them.
Why the hell do you block visitors to your site. Isn’t the web all about drawing visits in?

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  1. Dude they kinda suck for doing this. It defeats the whole purpose of the internet as a global comunity. Just get back at them by downloading the torrent! ;o)

  2. That sucks, because it’s a really awesome flash movie… very cleverly done.

    I can only guess that it’s perhaps a licensing issue or some other legality that causes it to be that way, because you’re absolutely right… it makes no sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website only to block 75% of the world from viewing it.

    Hopefully it’ll get mirrored into the wayback machine and you’ll get to view it via an alternate approach.


  3. they did that for the “dead like me” site as well. but it seemed kind of hit and miss, some days they blocked me, some days i slipped thru. they used to be a cf driven site at one time.

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